Evercontact Joins One More Company, Inc.

  • August 30, 2016
  • Florian Seroussi / 1 comment

Today, I am excited to announce that One More Company, Inc. (OMC)—maker of Senders—has acquired Evercontact. This acquisition brings together two highly innovative email intelligence companies that will boost the growth of current products while also streamlining future innovation. Ultimately, the combination of the two companies will be a boon to users of both Senders and Evercontact. 


So, what is Senders? To put it simply, Senders is caller ID for email. It adds relevant professional and social information about who’s emailing you right inside the email message. You can see why it’s such a great fit for Evercontact. As a cloud-based service, Senders integrates easily into your existing email service, requiring just a single click signupjust like Evercontact. 

Again, this acquisition of Evercontact is beneficial to the user base of both companies because of their complementary feature sets. Blending Evercontact’s expertise in email information extraction and contact/CRM syncing with OMC’s expertise in email productivity and intelligence will enable over 100,000 users to share in faster innovation of current products, future products and general advancements in email technology. Together, this is a natural fit as it will help our two companies to innovate more rapidly and to serve individuals and businesses with better services and solutions.

Senders and Evercontact were both created with the same missionto help people save time, improve communication, and even come to love email again. And to do it all safely with peace of mind that their information is private and secure.

At OMC, our approach has always been privacy-by-design. In fact, privacy was the impetus for founding the company and creating our first product Trackbuster—to protect email privacy. And it’s why we have a Chief Privacy Officer.

As we explained when we launched Senders this spring, we only display non-sensitive information in Senders Cards. We let users and non-users edit their Senders Cards, and we don’t store emails or passwords. Also, Senders and Evercontact are not email-lookup services; you need to have an email address before you can connect with a person. We also don’t sell users’ personal information. We are not a data broker and we don’t display ads. Most of all, we take privacy and the protection of your information very seriously.

Even though we don’t read or store email message content, we know our users trust us with access to their email accounts and we take that responsibility very seriously. You can read more about that on our security page.

Current users of both products can continue to use each product just as they always have. Evercontact will remain a stand-alone service, and we will keep you apprised of improvements as we make them. One thing you will notice right away is a new look for the Evercontact website. We’ve simplified navigation quite a bit to showcase Evercontact even more clearly.

We’re especially excited to have the seasoned team of engineering whizzes from Evercontact join the engineering team at OMC. We believe that, together, they will create email and communications innovations that will dazzle us all.

I look forward to the future of OMC, and hope you do as well!

-Florian Seroussi, CEO of One More Company





Detects signatures in your incoming email and auto updates your address book or your CRM (Salesforce, HighRise, Zoho).

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