Evercontact Nominated for French American Business Awards! :)

French American Business Awards


We are extremely happy and proud to be nominated for the 2016 French American Chamber of Commerce Business Awards aka FABA! We’re in the High Tech under $30 million in revenue or funding category… Yes, for us the $1M investment was incredible, but that is small beans for some 😉

There are 64 companies and personalities (Frenchies in the US and vice versa) in the competition, including heavy hitters Airbnb (US Investment in France), local favorite Café Bastille (Food Business), and Numberly-1000mercis Group (High Tech over $30 million in revenue or funding), plus personality of the year nominee Anne Bezancon from Placecast.

And our own category has some formidable competitors, which you can meet below. And if you are in the Bay Area, you can get your tickets for the awards ceremony May 25th and find out live who the winners are!


Arterys Inc. An SaaS analytics platform founded on machine learning to revolutionize medical imaging. Their mission?  To radically transform the world of medical imaging via high performance cloud computation for the benefit of both patients and clinicians by creating an automated and intelligent diagnostic platform. They may beat us out for the number of PhD’s alone 😉


Follow Analytics


FollowAnalytics is “The world’s most powerful mobile engagement platform.” Push Notifications. In-app messaging. Email. Video. Coupons. All can be scheduled, triggered by user behavior inside or outside your app and geolocation. Easy to use, built for Marketers and connects to Your Existing Marketing Stack. Followanalytics integrates and connects seamlessly with any CRM to increase mobile engagement and convert leads into sales.



 offers a “Happy Customer Relationship through Text Messaging” by creating a collaborative, convenient, and low friction experience that allows customers to connect anytime, anywhere, on any device. Their platform connects customers with your stores and call centers in an easy way, lowering their effort. Now you can make both your customers and your employees happy in your brand ecosystem.


Ivalua. Originating in France but headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Ivalua is the leading provider of Spend Management Cloud Solutions and recognized by top Analysts as a global market leader. After 15 years of innovation and growth, our unique software platform is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and effective solutions ever created for procurement teams


MyScienceWork is a global scientific platform for making your research more visible and for accessing all of science. It serves the international scientific community with digital promotion platforms for research, called Polaris, and Premium access to scientific publications and experts. The whole team promotes easy access to scientific publications, unrestricted diffusion of knowledge and open science. OK so maybe they beat us all out for PhD’s!



Open Garden, Inc. develops a free, closed source mobile application called FireChat that enables peer-to-peer mobile Internet connection sharing with faster and more efficient data transmissions by automatically and actively choosing and switching to the best available network without requiring users to manually sift through available networks to find the best one available. Open Garden supports and promotes open wireless networks and is a member of the Open Wireless Coalition



TransferTo is a B2B mobile payment network, interconnecting financial institutions and mobile operators globally. Thousands of leading companies, including Vodafone’s M-Pesa, Tigo Money, Orange, Western Union, PayPal and Xoom rely on TransferTo’s Mobile Money and Airtime Hub. TransferTo provides its partners with a global compliance framework for all relevant regulatory requirements, enabling thousands of businesses in more than 100 countries to offer real-time Mobile Money and Airtime transfer services to their customers.



WingzSomething that could prove extremely useful for French companies with US offices and vice versa, Wingz is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects local drivers with travelers who schedule their private, fixed price rides to and from the airports. The app will automatically suggest a pick up time according to riders’ travel details. Drivers can now easily track the passenger’s flight status in real time and adjust pick-up schedules accordingly.


And … Just in case someone is sharing this info we should probably include our favorite contender 🙂


 Evercontact at World Cup Tech

Evercontact’s winning team at the 2015 World Cup Tech Challenge

Evercontact, based in Paris and San Francisco, is the only cloud service that automatically updates your address book (Gmail, Outlook, Office 365) and/or CRM (Salesforce, Highrise) from contact information extracted from email signatures. Created in 2013 by 3 experts in NLP (Natural Language Processing), Evercontact won the Enterprise Software category in the 2015 World Cup Tech Challenge and La French Touch Awards in New York.


Surprised at the quality of the competition from what is a pretty small country compared to the US? You shouldn’t be, as we noted in this post on La French Touch awards, just like vin, pain & fromage entrepreneur is a French word and tradition.


Thanks so much for the nomination French American Chamber of Commerce!
Don’t forget to
get your tickets for the awards ceremony May 25th and find out live who the winners are!


Detects signatures in your incoming email and auto updates your address book or your CRM (Salesforce, HighRise, Zoho).

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